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Prior to renewal of Medical Certificate
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BMI-Weight loss-soda pop
DOT Rules and Regulations
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New Rules from DOT
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Passing the CDL/DOT Occupational Physical

New Rules from DOT

National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners

Hello Drivers;  New Rules!  Starting in March of 2014 the rules have changed about who can and cannot do the medical exam for commercial drivers.  Only physicians who have been trained, tested and certified can do the medical exam for you.  If you go to anyone else they will reject the medical card.  The list of approved physicians is on the government website under National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.  You can look it up by state.  You will have to fax, mail or take a copy of the medical examiners card to the DMV.  If you fail to do so they take your first born.  Well maybe not your first born but they can and will take away your right to drive a commercial vehicle. As if there is not enough stress with driving a commercial vehicle they have to add more.  Take good care of yourselves and do not believe everything you hear or read on the radio or the internet!  

Important New Rules From DOT

Hello Drivers:   Well once again there are new rules that no one seems to know about.  To make it short and simple, if at all possible, if you do not renew and fax or mail a copy of your new medical card to the DMV EVERY TIME you renew your card, there is absolutely no grace period, they can and will cancel your ENTIRE drivers license. They may change this in the future so check with the Federal Motor Carrier website.  Please try to renew a least 3 weeks before it is due.  If we run into problems we need time to remedy these before we can issue the medical card.
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