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Weight loss-BMI-soda pop

Hello Drivers:   Sorry it has been so long since my last post but I have been trying to get ready for all these new compliance laws from the Feds.   For those of you who are wondering what a BMI is;  it is the body mass index.  You can look up the charts on google so you can check yours.  You need to be below 35 which is generous.  Please buy a tape measure which cost about a buck and measure at your belly button.  You should be below 40" for males and below 35" for females.  DO NOT GO BY YOUR PANT SIZE!  Pants are at our hips not our waist!  To lose weight quickly just stop drinking soda pop, sweet tea, energy drinks, etc.   Read the labels on what you are drinking.  Always read servings per container first.  If it says 2.5 multiply that by how many grams of sugar they say are in it.  One gram of sugar is one pack of sugar.  I realize that it is corn syrup and not packs of sugar but it is the same.  Most sodas have 45-47 packs of sugar per can.  Think about that for a moment.  Are you going to open 45 packs of sugar and put it in a drink?  The reason they do this is because sugar is addictive!  If you are a heavy soda drinker I do not recommend stopping "cold turkey" just eliminate one can every 7 days.  Put it in your smart phone to remind you every week on the same day to do this.  Most of my drivers are losing 15-25 lbs. by doing this.  They are shocked!    Well back to the paperwork.  Take time to take care of yourselves and be safe.  

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